What can tortoises eat ?

All land tortoises, including Central Asian, Egyptian, radiant, stellate, Greek, flat, spider, etc. 5% of animal food means that once a month, turtles (eg, red-legged and Galapagos) can be given a snail, mouse or immobilized fodder insects, but only to those species in the description of which it is said that they can sometimes be given animal food.

Herbivorous turtles are fed with natural, dried or frozen (depending on the season) weed or domestic plants from the list of edible. Once a week they can be given a few vegetables and very few fruits (only to those species that eat fruits in nature). Once a week or less, you can give a suitable dry food for land tortoises.

Some adult aquatic turtles and some secondary terrestrial turtles are omnivorous: adult red-eared, adult marsh, prickly turtles, box-shaped turtles, Spengler turtles, etc. The diet of omnivorous turtles is 1/2 animal food (list above) and 1/2 vegetable food (list below).

Water turtles are given as an animal food fish and seafood, land – mice. Water turtles are given water plants, land – land plants and sometimes vegetables.