What color are flamingos ?

The flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds on Earth. The bright color of her plumage changes from pale to dark pink. In fashion, even there is such a color – the “color of the flamingo”. Since these birds are quite shy, they try to stick together. Just imagine what a beautiful sight it is – a huge patch of gently pink color on the blue water!

Flamingos belong to tropical birds that gather in huge flocks in various parts of the globe. They live in swamps and shallow lakes, moving along them on their long straight legs.

The very body of the flamingo is small enough, does not exceed the size of the goose’s body, but along with the long legs and neck, the height of the flamingo can reach 1.8 meters. Long legs allow the flamingo to move through shallow water and swampy places.

Flamingos feed on tiny plants and animals that live in shallow water. In search of food, these birds lower their heads under the water and use their wide curved beaks as a sieve to filter out food and separate it from water and dirt.

Flamingos live not only in the tropics. Numerous flocks of these beautiful birds are found in the reserve of Askania Nova, in the Astrakhan and Danube floods.