What color are hippos ?

The color of hippo is gray-brown, has a pinkish hue. The skin has practically no hair, small hairs are found only on the tail and muzzle. The skin of the hippopotamus is covered with special glands, which, when the skin dries, secrete a secret of unusual red color.

From the outside it looks like this: there is a hippopotamus and bursts into bloody sweat. Even the ancients were surprised by this fact, and thought that the secret protects the skin from drying out. Later it turned out that it was rather an antiseptic.

The weight of hippopotamuses reaches four tons, on the average their weight is from 3000 to 3200 kg. The length is about four meters, the height in the shoulders is up to 165 cm.

Hippos does not differ in devotion to its partner. Yes, it is not required of him – there are always several females in the herd, who desperately need to “get married.”

The male searches for the chosen one carefully, sniffs at each female for a long time, looking for one that is already ready for a “romantic meeting”. It behaves quieter than water, below the grass. At this time, he does not need any one of the herd to begin to find out about his relationship, he has other plans.