What color is a turkey ?

In a calm state turkeys have a dark red color; when excited Рblue or purple. In turkeys, a bundle of threadlike feathers grows on the chest, and spurs appear on the crochets after reaching sexual maturity. The color of plumage of turkeys depends on belonging to a particular breed. The live weight of the male is 5 kg, the female is about 3 kg. Depending on the turkey breed, lighter turkeys are 35-50% lighter.

The turkey comes from North America. Wild turkey species arrange a nest right on the ground. In the spring, females lay 15-20 eggs. Sometimes they bring out turkeys and fall. Turkeys run fast and can fly up tall trees.

It happens that wild males join the herds of domestic turkeys. Progeny, obtained from crossing domestic turkeys with wild males, is distinguished by good viability, endurance. It was first domesticated by Indians of North America even before the arrival of European colonizers.

In Europe, the turkeys were imported by the Spaniards and quickly spread throughout the European territory. At present, they are bred almost on all continents of the globe.