What do albatross eat ?

Albatrosses eat fish, squid and crustaceans, but they can eat small plankton and carrion. Some species prefer fish, for others the favorite food is squid. Their prey is tracked from the air by albatross and seized from the ocean surface by a beak on the fly, but if necessary, these birds can dive from the air or from the surface of the water to a depth of up to 12 m.

The albatross breeds every 2 years, at which time they fly to their birthplace. The location of the nests in the colony can be disjointed or bored. The closest colonies are the black-browed albatross, which can have up to 70 nests per 100 m². The albatross nests are elevations from the ground or a pile of grass with a pit in the middle. Galapagos albatrosses do not have nests at all, so they sometimes roll their eggs across the colony in search of a better place at a distance of up to 50 m! There are cases when in the process of such skating eggs were lost. If the masonry is lost, the albatrosses can do a second one.