What do ants eat ?

Ants that live in the wild, feed mainly on plant foods. But to say definitely, what ants eat at home and in the garden is impossible. After all, insects are so adapted to life near a person that they can even eat a piece of meat, of course, for a long time. They can eat products of both vegetable and synthetic origin.

Each caste of insects prefers its type of food. For example, larvae feed on proteinaceous animal food. These are eggs, milk, rhizomes and juice of trees, honey, sugar, nuts, etc. Working individuals prefer carbohydrates – jam, cereals, seeds and fruits. Some like to eat exclusively insects, which can serve a good service on the farm.

There is a certain kind of ants that feeds exclusively on food of wood origin. They are also called arboretum ants. They often cause inconvenience to a person, settling in wood houses, baths and other buildings, as in time they transform a once-lasting structure into a real rotten junk.

Ants are capable of harming a person’s cultural plantings, because plant foods are quite attractive to insects. Ants eat strawberries, currant leaves, cherries and any other plants. Of course, to eat a fruit or vegetable completely, they will need to work hard for long hours. But even a slightly bitten fruit can cause discomfort for the owners, because no one wants to eat up pests. In addition, the ant can harm home colors, gnawing through their leaves and roots.