What do arctic hares eat ?

Arctic hares feeds on plant foods. In winter, it can be lichens, woody plants, moss. Extracts their animal from under the snow. In warm seasons, he eats berries, leaves, bark of trees and roots of plants. Do not disdain hare and meat. Finding the corpse of a small animal, eats it without a trace.

Arctic Hare is the largest of all kinds of hares. Outwardly it resembles a rabbit, but has longer ears. The animal is perfectly adapted for living in a cold region. Winter temperature minus 30 degrees does not frighten him. Habitat – the tundra of Greenland and northern Canada. In Alaska, the hare does not live. The weight of the animal is 4-5 kg, the body length ranges from 60 to 70 cm. Samples and males can not be outwardly visible. Depending on the season, fur changes its color. In summer it is light brown or gray, and in winter it is white. In the polar regions of Canada, the beast all year round “wears” a white fur coat.