What do arctic wolves eat ?

In the open spaces of the Arctic it is difficult to find shelter for an unexpected attack on the victim. When a pack of wolves overtakes the musk oxen, they usually already have time to take up a circular defense. In this case, wolves can not break through the barrage, consisting of horns and hoofs. Therefore, the wolves can only wait, experiencing the patience of the musk oxen, when their nerves can not withstand the tension and the circle will open. Sometimes, running around them, wolves manage to force the musk oxen to change the position in such a way that they can not see the attackers.

This tactic does not always help wolves, but if luck accompanies them, musk oxen eventually fail and run up. Arctic Wolves immediately rush after them and try to fight off the herd of young or weak animals. As soon as the wolf overtakes and grabs his victim, others rush to his aid and together bring her to the ground.

Only every tenth hunt is successful. Sometimes wolves remain without food for many days, but then they eat up to 10 kg of meat at a time. Irregular feeding sometimes leads to the fact that a wolf, for example, eats a polar hare with skin, hair and bones at a time.