What do axolotls eat ?

Axolotls belong to predators and in nature they hunt from ambush. His axolotl sacrifices his victim entirely and then digests about three days. In nature, he preys on small fish and insects. In captivity, they eat both live and dead food.

The birthplace of axolotls is the old system of water canals and lakes in Mexico City. All their lives they live in the water, not getting out on land. They prefer deep places in canals and lakes, with abundant aquatic vegetation, as they depend on aquatic plants. In the process of reproduction, they attach the eggs to aquatic plants, and then fertilize it. Lake Sochimilko is famous for its floating gardens or the Chinampas, essentially stripes of land between canals where local people grow vegetables and flowers. In this ancient system of irrigation canals and lakes, and live axolotls.

By the way, in the translation from the ancient language of the Aztecs, axolotl means a water monster. Prior to the Spanish invasion, the Aztecs used them for food, the meat was considered curative, and to taste it resembled an eel.

Axolotls are listed in the Red Book as a species of amphibians under threat of destruction. Since the range of their habitat is 10 square kilometers, besides very scattered, it is difficult to establish the exact number of individuals living in nature.