What do baboons eat ?

Baboons eat almost everything: this baboon’s digestive tract is similar to the human. Grass, roots, fruits and berries, mice and lizards, bird eggs, snails and insects – baboons can adapt to any habitat and any food.

Baboons do not starve. Their main concern is not to be someone’s lunch. Everyone likes to eat a monkey: leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, eagles, even lions do not disdain on occasion. The safety of the pack provides an alert watch and a special “baboon” tactic of protection. When the flock waits for danger, the baboons scatter in different directions, so that the hunter has a choice problem. In those two seconds, while the “danger” will decide which of the runaway monkeys to write down in a potential dinner, the baboons have already gotten cold!

The survival of the pack is a strict discipline and solidarity. The guarantor of safety is the most important baboon in the flock – the big, strong Alfa-male. He owns the most tasty piece, absolutely all females (like the harem), it is he who controls his “state”. The male supports a strict hierarchy of the pack, during the estrus, he alone has the right to fertilize all female flocks, and the one who encroaches on food while the Alpha-male is hungry, he publicly, that is, “acquired” punishes.

The only idyllic moment in the life of baboons is mutual grooming. This process is akin to human kisses – the apogee of tenderness and trembling adoration. Monkeys sit on their powerful sciatic calluses for a long time and choose dust and insects from each other’s wool.