What do baby ducks eat ?

With proper nutrition, young ducks gain weight well and grow faster than their chicken brethren. For example, a two-month-old duckling weighs two kilograms. Given that the care of this species of birds is not too laborious and burdensome, the sale of duck meat and eggs is for many an excellent and stable source of income.


At the pond, the duck extracts both herbaceous and animal feed, relieving the owner of additional worries and expenses. With free grazing, the feeding of ducks takes place twice – in the afternoon and in the evening, before going to bed. The best food is cereals. Grain fits any:

Barley is pre-poured with hot water for a period of ten to twenty hours. Ducks should be offered it directly with the water in which it was soaked, otherwise there will be this reluctance. Suitable for feeding and rye, but only last year: if less than three months have passed since harvest, rye causes stomach dysfunction in ducks.

Ducks that do not go to grazing, the owner feeds 4 times: two grain feeds, and two – green food. With great appetite, birds eat bunches, where fresh leaves and grass are sliced, carrots, potatoes and beets are rubbed, crushed grain and its husks added, as well as kitchen food waste, animal feeds and mineral supplements.