What do baby lizards eat ?

Baby lizards are first fed with tweezers, adults are put food in the feeding trough. It happens that the lizards for a while refuse to eat, but at the same time they behave actively and drink water – this is a sort of unloading day. If the lizard refuses the new feed, perhaps he does not like it, it’s better to add it to the usual diet a little. In general, lizards are unpretentious and willingly eat most of the feed.

It is most convenient to give vegetable feed from feeders like Petri dishes. Young lizards are fed 2 times a day, adults have enough single-time feeding. Giving food is necessary at a time when the pet is most active (there are day and night lizards). After the reptile has eaten, the remains of food are removed. In the terrarium must be a drinker. However, many species of reptiles prefer to lick drops of water from plants, so spray the terrarium regularly.

About a third of the ration of the lizard is plant food. You can offer the pet greens – salad, parsley, plantain, spinach, clover, dandelion and other. Well eat reptiles and pieces of vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, sometimes you can give and raw potatoes.

From fruits you can give apples, pears, melons, grapes, citrus – experimentally you can find out which ones like the pet more.