What do baby snakes eat ?

When growing babies it is important to take into account the fact that many of them naturally eat feed that is completely uncharacteristic for adults. Improper selection of the diet threatens not only a prolonged refusal of feed, but also serious violations of the digestive system and metabolism.

Exhausted cubs often die. Offering young fodder, it is necessary to take into account the proportionality of the predator and prey, giving preference to live animals. Such food will be as close as possible to the natural and most preferred. The transition to more convenient and affordable feed should be carried out gradually taking into account the preservation of food activity and the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Small serpents often feed newborns or aborted mice, rats, insects, earthworms, frogs, young lizards, etc. It is desirable to hold earthworms before feeding in a separate jar without soil so that they release the intestines from the swallowed ground, otherwise the babies They can die with an unsuccessful attempt to regurgitate the undigested lumps of earth. You can feed freshwater fish fry or small aquarium fishes (eg, male guppies).

Young snakes should be fed at least twice as often as adults, given the more intensive metabolism. With age, the growth of snakes is suspended, and the size of the production and the interval between feedings, respectively, increase.