What do baby squirrels eat ?

Squirrels are omnivores. But they can not be given food with flavor enhancers, preservatives, too sweet or salty. Do not give almonds, pistachios, chips to baby squirrels. This can damage their health. It is better to feed home-made squirrels with the same foods to which they are accustomed in nature.

In recent years, squirrels moved closer to the homes of people. They settled gardens and parks. Many people feed these fluffy beauties and want to know what they eat and how to feed them. In the park, squirrels eat the same as in the forest, but other than that, what people give them and even check trash cans.

The squirrel is a small rodent with a long fluffy tail. The average squirrel has a length of 15-30 cm. The body of the squirrel is covered with thick red or gray hair. Strong legs with sharp claws allow the animal to run fast and climb trees. In the forest, squirrels usually settle in tree hollows.

There he builds nests and makes provisions for the winter. What the wild squirrels eat can be seen by looking into their home. Squirrels make several caches with nuts, dried mushrooms, cones and acorns. Sometimes they forget where their supplies are and can open another’s hiding place. In summer, the squirrel eats small insects, lizards, eggs of birds. She loves, there are berries, wild apples, pine needles and tree seeds.