What do barn owls eat ?

Like a swamp owl, the barn owls feed mainly on rodents. Sometimes they hunt small birds, frogs, reptiles, beetles and bats. For a day, one barn eats about 3-4 rodents, and a year it needs more than a thousand mice. Small booty eats small prey immediately, and the one that weighs more than 100 grams, takes in a secluded place and dismembers.

Barn owls monogamous, as well as not social birds, and prefer to be alone. The breeding season falls on March-April. Mating occurs while the couple chooses a nesting site, and the entire incubation period continues and during the incubation of the chicks. Often, the barn owls nest in old nests and only rarely can they build a new nest. Masonry consists of 5-8 eggs, but sometimes the number of eggs can reach 15. If there is enough bird food, then in the year there can be two masonry. The female hatchs eggs more than a month. Nestlings are born with white fluff, and during the first two weeks both parents are fed them. At 3 months the chicks become completely independent and can leave the nest, and at the age of ten months can already reproduce.