What do basking sharks eat ?

There are about 250 different kinds of sharks, they vary in size: from 0.5 meters to 15-18 meters in length, such as a giant whale shark. Are sharks eating a person? Yes, 27 species of sharks can attack him. Among them, a white shark, hammer-fish, tiger, lemon sharks.

But none of the sharks attack man as a food source. Basking sharks eat mainly vertebrate fish, crustaceans, for example lobsters and small shrimps. They also feed on turtles, dolphins and birds.

The largest sharks, such as a whale shark, eat the smallest amount of food. They feed on small fishes and tiny animals that live in seaweed. To find food, a shark relies mostly on its nose. The hungrier the shark, the more sensitive is the nose.

The shark spins around his victim for a long time before approaching it for impact. Sea foxes use long, twisted tails to pierce their prey. They twist their tail from side to side, sometimes stunning the victim with powerful blows.