What do bears eat?

Bears mainly eat vegetative food: berries, nuts, acorns, chestnuts, roots, tubers and stems of herbs, especially prefer honey. In the diet of bears include insects – ants and butterflies, as well as worms, frogs, small rodents – mice, ground squirrels, chipmunks, and large ungulate animals – deer, deer, roe deer, caribou, do not disdain and carrion.

Bears are excellent anglers, and on the shallows they catch fish (in Alaska salmon). By the winter, bears need to get as much fat as possible, so they absorb food in huge quantities. Finding their food helps them a well-developed sense of smell, they have a nose like dogs, they are even distant relatives of dogs. If there is a crop failure in the berries, the bears switch to oats and maize crops, and also feed in the stone pine forests. In those years when the feed is too small, bears begin to attack cattle and ruin apiaries.

Bears are very fond of eating honey, they find it by smell and climb trees to the bee nest. They break it with the paw, so that the bees fly off, and start eating honey. Bites of bees are not terrible for them, from the pain they are saved by thick fur and a thick layer of fat.

Bears perfectly climb trees, swim well and run fast. Despite their awkward appearance, they can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. They have great power, with a single blow of their paws, a bear can break the back of a bison or a bison. In winter, bears fall into a hibernation, which lasts 5-6 months, and they spend it in their lair. Now you know what bears eat.

Bears are predatory mammals, large and dangerous predators. They are found in Russia, in Alaska, in Western Europe, Finland, Japan, China and Canada. Weigh about 400 kg., Growing about a meter at the withers, with thick wool. Grizzly – bears living in Alaska, larger, and reach three meters. Males are larger than females. Bears live in forest storms and hardwoods with deciduous vegetation. They can wander into the tundra and high-mountain forests. What do bears eat?