What do beetles eat ?

Many people want to get an answer to the question: “What do beetlesĀ eat?”, Because there are a lot of them on our planet, and they all can not eat the same thing.

So, let’s find out what the beetlesĀ eat? How are these creatures classified according to the mode of feeding in modern times? According to the information of zoologists, beetles can eat almost everything:


Living specimens

Wooden items

Articles made of paper

Woolen goods

Meat and fish products

And so on

There are families of woodcutter beetles, lamellar beetles, click beetles and others, which do not feed at all, their existence supports the stock they stocked in the larval stage of development.

In nature, they can eat nectar from flowers or pollen, and at home they only need to make honey in a small container, just do not forget to change it twice a week. For example, if you take a bronze beetle, then its larvae live in the soil with a humus of plant residues, from which they are stockpiled for further adulthood. So, planting a beetle, it is worth considering that you will have to fill your insectarium with humus, which would give a full growth to the larvae of your beetle.