What do bison eat ?

Bison – an animal herbivore.┬áIn nature, bison gathers grass in summer, eat foliage from bushes and trees, with pine needles, can enjoy berries in the forest. For the early autumn they need to work fat, which will protect from the cold and a little from hunger in the winter.

Here in the winter it is necessary tugovato as well as many herbivores. From under the snow, the bison digs out rare dry grass blades – hooves, but for this it is necessary not only to work with hoofs, but also to warm the snow so that it melts. You can peel the bark from trees and chew thin twigs, spruce paws, but you do not eat much – it’s bitter.

What do bison eat in the cage? Hay, grass, twigs, bark for general development is also necessary, in the harvest time, carrots and apples fall. Mixed fodder and oats for them are not the most useful food – bison gain weight and become themselves hard to wear on their feet. Bread is not rare.

What to buy bison for tourists? You can bring a bunch of whiskers, parsley, dill, but the last two herbs eat carefully and gradually. Zubritsa is always more selective in eating than bison. But the bison are not gentlemen and do not rush to let the girlfriends to the feeder, and they can even boldly drive away the horns. Eating zubry skins from bananas (also accustomed to such overseas delicacy. Skins from watermelon are also appetizing, especially with small remnants of pink flesh, eating cucumbers, carrots, apples and cabbage, but the latter is not very useful – it becomes a weak stool.