What do bobcats eat ?

Adult bobcat requires 1.5 – 2.3 kg of meat per day. In different parts of the range, the bobcat  uses numerous animals for food. So, in the northern regions, its victims are mostly reindeer and hare-rabbit. In southern regions, ungulates are more likely to become roe deer. Among birds, larvae, black grouse and hazel grouse are the victims of bobcats most often. In winter, ungulates are a bobcat  prey much more often than in the snowless period, when small animals predominate in its nutrition – from the hare to the voles.

In the Far East, lice deer and elk deer become prey to bobcat. Of course, among the hoofed animals, first of all, young animals are found. Everywhere on a vast strip of forest areas, from Karelia to Siberia, the main object of trot hunting is a white hare. Ungulates, like the wild game, come to the fore only in places. It is from its strength that the welfare of the bobcat primarily depends. It is estimated that one trot has one hare eaten for every four days. Most of the rabbits catch bobcat in the winter. In the summer, she has a richer food choice.

Bobcat has a very beautiful fur, which has been in high demand in recent decades. They hunt for a bobcat in the middle and late autumn: during this period the fur of the beast becomes of high quality. In Western and Central Europe bobcat  is extremely rare. In the 20th century, only small bobcat habitats remained in Europe – the Pyrenees, the Balkans and the Carpathians.