What do brown bears eat ?

The food ration of a brown bear is different and depends more on the year, what is the yield of fodder crops. On the way out of the den, the bear eats ants, shoots of aspen, when the snow comes down it eats fresh grass, a little later the fresh leaves of aspen, various small animals, eggs, and somewhere around mid-summer, as they mature, they eat berries. But mostly during this period, from hunger, it saves the fat that remained after winter. That is why it is so important for the bear to accumulate for the season so much fat that it will be enough to overwinter and still remain for the after-winter period, when there is not much food. The fat reserves should be about 50 kg.

In Siberian regions, cedar nuts are an essential meal for the bear, and in warmer regions acorns, hazel, chestnuts. In Kamchatka, bears are excellent anglers, eagerly awaiting the salmon going to spawn. Appetite of a brown bear can be envied. For the season he eats only berries about 700 kg, nuts up to 500 kg and this is not counting other food.

If the year is not fruitful for berries, then a bear driven by hunger, is forced to visit crops of wheat, oats or corn (in the Southern regions). There is a translation of a foreign publication, based on it there are cases that bears make attacks on livestock or begin to ravage apiaries. On all this, the poor animal is pushed only by hunger.