What do buffalo eat ?

Buffaloes feed on herbaceous vegetation, with Asian species preferring aquatic plants with succulent stems, while African ones can eat dry grass on plains, and even branches of shrubs. But still these animals need a lot of water and drink 30-40 liters a day.

In Asian species living in wet areas, the breeding season is not confined to any season of the year, the African gon starts during the rainy season. In this period, the lone birds will join the herds, and if the herd already has a leader, then it enters with the alien into the battle. Bows of buffaloes lean against their foreheads and raise a lot of mud. Pregnancy lasts 10-11 months, only in a dwarf buffalo, it is slightly shorter – 9.5-10 months. The buffalo always gives birth to one calf; in African buffaloes it is black, and Asian species are yellow-brown. Within 10-15 minutes after birth, the calf can follow the mother, the female feeds it with milk for 6-9 months. Young animals remain in the herd, adult males can separate from the herd and live separately. Life expectancy of a dwarf buffalo to 20 years, large species – up to 30.