What do caracals eat ?

The caracals feed mainly on hares, rodents and birds. Thus, in captivity, the main diet of Karakal also consists of meat. If you can not pamper your pet with lynx, rabbit and fodder rodents, then more affordable raw poultry meat of chicken or turkey (hips, wings, neck, fillets), beef tenderloin or minced meat, and fish. Sometimes caracals are taught to boiled meat. Vitamins and minerals should also be included in the diet.

Caracal can be jealous of food. They should always be fed separately from other animals. Usually the caracal is fed 1 to 2 times a day. The amount of food depends on the age and weight of the animal. A bowl of water should be freely available.

It is highly discouraged to keep a caracal in a house where there are small children. Think about whether you are willing to risk your child’s health for such fun.

It is better if caracal will be the only domestic animal in the house. Especially it is not necessary to keep birds and rodents together with a caracal, unless you want them to become its prey. Karakal will not behave like an ordinary domestic cat, play with other animals and ask to lie down and pomurlykat on his knees.