What do caterpillars eat ?

Caterpillars are incredibly gluttonous – they eat without stopping, mostly at night, as they rest during the day. They cease to eat, only having worked up a certain mass of the body. So, the nun’s caterpillar should digest 250-300 needles before it comes to pupate. Most caterpillars eat leaves of certain plants, finding them by smell and taste.

The apple-tree ermine moth cobwebs the whole tree, which completely devours the foliage. If the “own” tree is eaten clean, and there is no other such breed nearby, then even underfunded caterpillars pupate, but then small butterflies appear from them. The wax moth enters the bee hives in the twilight to lay eggs there. As soon as it hatches, its gluttonous caterpillars immediately begin to gnaw the wax on the honeycomb. Love honey and extract it from hives, many butterflies. If there are cracks in the hives, even the “dead head” brawler can penetrate them. And the breweries and distilleries were chosen by the cork moth.

 Its caterpillars eat up algae and microscopic fungi on the walls of the vats. Remarkably settled in the tropics, some fire. The caterpillars of sloth fry creep along the skin of a sloth and feed on the algae with which its thick wool grows. The fire that lives on the Amazon settles in ant nests, built high in the crowns of trees. Their caterpillars quench the hunger with a paper-like mass from which the nests are built.

They find in the nests of ants shelter and table predatory caterpillars of some pigeons and a scoop, and they devour the progeny of the owners, and adult ants are allowed to lick off their abdomen secret special glands. Because of this sweet juice, ants do not touch their deadly enemies. The predatory caterpillars of the scoop also feed on worms and scabbards, aphids, cicadas, caterpillars and pupae of other butterflies. In Hawaiian Islands there is a moth, the caterpillar of which with sharp claws lightly suffices small insects. Some caterpillars of teddy bears and a scoop devour their relatives.