What do cats eat ?

With regard to the nutrition of cats, you must first of all understand the following: cats are predators, carnivores; In other words, they have special needs in nutrition, which, before the invention of industrial pet food, could be met only with the help of meat from other animals. People are able to do without animal proteins, and many successfully manage. But for a cat it’s impossible. In her appearance, everything says that she is a hunter, from sharp claws on her paws and canines in her mouth to the ability to quietly, stealthily approaching a mouse or a bird, then to make a lightning jump and to bite sharp teeth into the neck of the victim.

Although some domestic cats still sometimes hunt – thus, according to some, reducing the number of songbirds – only a few of them do it for their survival. This leads to a second conclusion about the nutrition of cats; The cat food industry has now become very developed.

How developed? Only in the US, people spend billions of dollars on cat food, ranging from fabulously expensive, exquisite delicacies to huge packages of cheap fodder.

If you doubt that the pet food industry is so large, we suggest that you conduct a small independent study. Certainly not far from your house there is a pet store or supermarket, where there is also a department of pet shops. And you will agree that such departments occupy not less the area of ​​the supermarket than many other commodity groups. And do not forget about veterinary clinics. In some of them, you will also be offered a feed – usually a premium class, as well as medicinal foods designed for cats that have some health problems: obesity or diseases of various organs, such as the heart or kidneys.