What do centipedes eat ?

The centipedes feed on spiders, worms, beetles and small snakes, but sometimes they themselves become prey to other animals. Sometimes in the Far East fishermen use centipedes as bait.

Mating centipedes occur after a long premarital dance. The male and female circle each other for a few minutes before the male leaves a pile of his seed on the ground. The female picks up this seed to fertilize their eggs. After mating, the males and females of the centipedes creep in different directions; Care for the offspring falls on the female.

Typically, centipede females lay eggs in the summer and make a lot of effort to reproduce the offspring. In many species of millipedes, the mother erects a small mound of mud, makes a depression on his apex and lays eggs in it. Waiting for them to ripen, the centipede wraps around this mound all over, protecting it.

Female centipedes are good parents. Waiting until the eggs are pierced, the female takes care of them, protecting them from the devourers falling and from time to time cleaning them. When the young appear from the eggs, the mother continues to look after them, providing food and staying around until they become big enough to live on their own. It is even known that the centipede lick its young to maintain the purity of their bodies.