What do chickens eat ?

Chickens dig the earth with strong paws, feeding on young shoots of plants, grass, seeds, grains, worms, beetles, insects, fruits, berries.

Homemade chickens are given grain – barley, millet, oats, corn. Rummaging in the ground, they eat insects, worms, seeds, grass shoots. In winter, the grass is replaced with hay of alfalfa. In the food of the hens, add boiled grated vegetables – potatoes, beets, carrots, which affects the quality of eggs.

Young chickens are given cottage cheese, whey. To the eggshell was hard, calcium is added to the food – a finely chopped shell of chicken eggs.

Vitamin supplements are alfalfa, nettle, young grass.

Mineral additives – chalk, crushed shell and shell.

Chickens need sand or small calcareous stones for the digestive process.

In the diet of food for laying, you can add ready-made chicken feed “starter” with a protein content of 20%. For broilers, start with the “start”, moving to “finish”. Many feeds contain calcium.