What do chipmunks eat ?

Chipmunks are omnivorous animals, therefore it will not be difficult to feed these rodents. They are very fond of nuts, cereals, fruits and vegetables, and can eat anything, but do not feed them with harmful products.

So, let’s talk about what the chipmunks eat. Among the main components of the diet of the home chipmunk are nuts, cereals, insects, plant foods, and also dry and juicy feed. Cereals introduced into the diet of an animal can be any. The nuts most preferred by the rodent are hazelnuts, peanuts (however, it should be given in small amounts and dosage due to its high fat content). The same rule applies to sunflower seeds.

 Cereals should be in the stage of milk maturity. Give chipmunks almonds are strictly prohibited – they contain poisonous to the animal hydrocyanic acid! Insects – larvae, grasshoppers – should also be given to the animal in small quantities, since they constitute a significant part of the animal’s diet in nature.

Vegetables, fruits and herbs are allowed, but they must first be peeled and washed. Also do not forget that an excess of plant food can provoke an animal diarrhea. As additives to dry or juicy foods, you can enter raw meat or eggs. Equally important is the solid feed necessary for the full formation of bones and teeth.