What do corn snakes eat ?

Corn snakes are carnivorous creatures (meat eaters). Young corn snakes eat lizards and frogs, and adults hunt rodents, bats and birds, and sometimes eat bird eggs. People appreciate these snakes because they control the number of rodents. They also prevent the spread of diseases and damage to crops, which are usually associated with large populations of rodents.

The belly of a corn snake looks like the core of Indian corn, hence the name “corn snake”. In addition, a corn snake is often found near corn, which attracts their favorite food – rodents.

Corn snakes are not poisonous. Unfortunately, people often kill corn snakes, because they have similarities in appearance with a venomous snake known as medhed.

Corn snakes are daily animals (active during the day). When they do not look for food, corn snakes hide in underground burrows or under rocks and bark. Corn snakes can be seen on the trees.

Corn snakes have a thin body that can reach a length of 24 to 72 inches. Snakes of this species are usually orange or dark yellow in color. They have red spots and stripes on the back and sides of the body. The abdomen is covered with black and white stripes. The color of the body depends on the environment (it provides camouflage).