What do cougars eat ?

Cougars  – a predator, and to hunt, each cougar has its own territorial area. Such a site in a male can occupy from 140 to 750 km ², in females hunting grounds are much smaller – from 30 to 150 km ². The borders of each territory of the cougar are marked with urine or feces of the animal. Even the winter trails, along which the cougars descend from the mountains to the valley, they have different. But sometimes, when the ways of male couples cross, between the animals there are fierce fights for hunting areas.

In the dark, the cougar is helped to hunt all her senses: hearing, sight and smell. The main organ of smell, as in other felines, is the vibris. With the help of vibrys, the cougar perfectly aligns, moving in confined spaces or in the dark.

In search of prey, a male can go from 30 to 40 km in one hunt. Choosing a suitable victim, the cougar tries first to quietly sneak up to her at close range, and then make a powerful throw. The mountain lion prefers to kill its prey by one bite at the throat, strangling it, or in the scruff, while breaking the victim’s neck. Having obtained food and having eaten enough, the cougar buries the remains of food under firewood or in snow and repeatedly returns to them until he has finished completely. But it often happens that the remnants of the cougars extraction are found by other forest dwellers who are willing to bite another’s dinner. Most often it can be bears, wolves, wolverines, and in the southern regions of the jaguars.