What do crabs eat ?

Crabs are not only a delicious dish in a restaurant. Today, a new and rapidly gaining momentum has become the equipment of aquariums with sea water. Consequently, crabs have become favorite pets.

 Interesting and intelligent enough, with a peculiar behavior, they attract the attention of lovers of the underwater world. By the way, there are a lot of crabs, there are also freshwater species, which can be populated in a very ordinary aquarium. However, today we will talk about eating crabs.

What crabs eat must necessarily be on land, since these amusing creatures feed mostly on the shore, although they are looking for food and under water. Therefore, they need a special aquarium, which has an underwater zone and a beach, at least a third of the total area. Approximately the same terrarium is needed for newts and turtles. The layer of water can be shallow, not more than 15 cm.

The coastal zone should be clearly distinguished by a high, large stone, in this case a part of the soil will seep between the cracks and create a beautiful descent into the water. It must be remembered that on the shore crabs not only feed, but also dig themselves holes. If you do not take it into account, your whole composition will be spoiled. Therefore, on the shore, a clay pipe with a diameter larger than the crab itself is dug in. So that the water does not stagnate, it must be through. Crab will constantly engage in deepening this hole, dragging the soil into the water, and then you can again organize a collapse.