What do crayfish eat ?

The female of the European cancer “at one sitting” eats more food than the male. True, he makes up his own, making more “calls”: if a male eats a couple of times a day, then the female – once every two to three days. When plants not far from the shelter are not enough, crayfish in search of food can make quite long and distant migrations, moving away from the burrow up to a distance of 250 meters. And this, given the small speed of their movement, is a pretty decent figure.

In winter, the diet of these arthropods consists of leaves, branches and other vegetable debris that have fallen into the pond. And, of course, in all periods of cancer, there will be decomposing corpses of animals and fish, as well as worms, insect larvae and so on. The smell of rotting organic crayfish is felt at a fairly large distance and is collected for “entertainment” from all around. They lead a predominantly twilight and nocturnal lifestyle, hiding during daylight hours in burrows, under rocks and driftwood. Read more: http://thedifference.ru/chto-edyat-raki/

Eurasian aborigines are broad-mouthed crayfish. They are quite large – the length of their torso reaches twenty centimeters. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, due to the widespread spread of the plague of the plague, their numbers declined significantly, so it was necessary to import from America another type of cancers, spotted or signaled. Already later, zoologists found out that this cancer, resistant to the plague, is its peddler, therefore, because of the massive move of the “Americans” their European counterpart suffered a second stroke, and the number of broad-shouldered cancers decreased to a critical level. In Ukraine, this species is listed in the Red Book.