What do crows symbolize ?

The crow is connected by similar beliefs in different nations of the world. First of all it is a prophetic bird. Usually he predicts death and other misfortunes: the attack of enemies, the news of the death of his son. Also, the crow is associated with longevity, wisdom and knowledge, where treasures are kept. A corpse, a black bird – a raven is known as a bird accompanying death on the battlefield. Particular attention is paid to the habits of crows to peck out the eyes of the dead.

The symbolism of the crow from the Scandinavians is not much different from the associations associated with it in other mythologies. For Indo-Europeans, the raven is a black (why?) Bird that brings bad, though truthful news, as well as a predator and scavenger accompanying wolves and warriors to profit by the death.

It is noticed that the raven is able to imitate human speech, therefore it is perceived as a messenger, able to speak the human language. Since the color of his feathers is black, and the voice itself is considered to be discordant, it is associated only with bad news, though truthful.

Raven, as a creature chthonic, has treasures and wealth, as well as the ability to discover and extract them. He guards the treasures hidden in the ground. They also believed that in the nest of the raven, invisible treasures are stored: gold, silver and precious stones. Having collected a lot of gold and silver, the crow flashes his head and tail.