What do cuttlefish eat ?

Cuttlefish is an intelligent hunter, attacks from an ambush, or uses its tentacles to lure prey. It hunts at night on crustaceans (small crabs, shrimp), small mollusks (snails, mollusks), fish, other cuttlefish, worms.

During the day, cuttlefish hides in caves and among seaweed. On the ground crawls with the help of “hands”, swims with fins, quickly swims, throwing water from the mantle (jet movement). Territorial, in most cases, spends its entire life on the same site. It reacts to stressful situations individually: while some become aggressive, others remain calm, while others have panic. Can learn from their fellow men. There is a strong desire for the game. Cuttlefish is extremely curious, it attracts a bright color.