What do dairy cattle eat ?

The main food for a cattle in the summer is green grass, eaten by animals in the pasture or in a slanting shape in the troughs of the house.

Young grass is distinguished by the highest fodder pluses. Despite the highest content of water in it (70-80%), the dry creature of grass, in proportion to the content of caloric substances, exceeds the rest of the feed. If a cattle does not eat or a cattle does not eat well, it means that it is sick, and it will be better to call a veterinarian.

The main number of useful substances in the warm period of cattle is obtained from greenish forage, however, natural pastures are generally low-yielding, so the deficit of caloric preparations will be compensated with the support of greenish top dressing of extracts. As a greenish top dressing used cereal-bean mixture, and extracts – barley.

   The amount of feed consumed by the dairy cattle depends on the causes associated with the individual animal, and on the causes relevant to the environment around. Appetite of cattle is regulated by hormones and enzymatic acids of the stomach cicatrix. If the cattle is eating grass, everything is in order. A cow eats as much as she needs so much and will eat.

   A dairy cattle weighing 600 kg, giving about 50 kg of milk, consumes about 25 kg of dry drug per day, or a high-yielding animal is obliged to use at least the least 4% of the feed from personal weight in dry matter per day. The continuous use of water makes from 3,5 to 5,5 l / kg of the use of a dry preparation.