What do deer eat ?

The food of deer depends on the time of the year. In summer they feed on grass, cereals and … mouse – yes-yes! It’s not that they specifically hunt for them, for if some frivolous mouse gazes on a hummock, its deer scrambles along with the grass and does not even notice. And the food for them is mushrooms. The people of the North do not eat mushrooms just because they are eaten by deer.

At school, we were all told that a reindeer eats a crucible. That’s right. And a reindeer eats grass and foliage on bushes. Fools in the eyes and sprawled nostrils love mushrooms. This also does not surprise anyone. But at the same time, reindeer herders say that a deer can eat both a fly-mouse and a lemming, if this happens. And a meat stew or fish during a protein starvation can also be crushed.

But that’s what a deer eats buckwheat with meat, I did not hear and the more I did not see. But never say never. In life, everything happens. Even if you have not seen something, this does not mean that it can not be. Horned with great pleasure, he ate buckwheat from the pan. We welded the dogs and set it aside to cool. When they drove away the herd, the most cunning fought off, went into the camp and, as if nothing had happened, began to crack. Nothing bothered him. Neither the presence of people, not indignant “screams” of tethered dogs, nor in the end, that it is buckwheat with meat. Well, is the deer worse than the dog?

As I then said, deer can eat anything and borscht, and pasta, and bread. It’s funny. But then you become attached to such domestic ones, it becomes a pity to score them.