What do dolphins eat ?

Dolphins eat mostly different types of fish and squid, depending on the regions where they live. They are selective in food, and do not eat anything, give preference to a certain type of fish. They swallow whole fish, since their jaws and teeth are not meant for chewing. Still dolphins eat mollusks and crustaceans.

Dolphins living in the seas usually do not dive deeper than 60-70 m, but those living in the ocean can dive for fish and to depths of up to 250 meters. The fish they eat are cod, hamsa, haddock, mackerel, mackerel, herring, capelin, sardine, saury, mackerel, hake, batylagus, mullet and even flying fish.

The amount of food eaten depends on its fat content. For example, mackerel and herring have a lot of fat, while the squid has little fat, so dolphins need to eat more squid to replenish their energy, than herring.

Every day the dolphin eats from 10 to 25 kg of fish, because these are warm-blooded animals, and they need to constantly maintain a sufficiently high temperature of their body in cold water. To keep body temperature they are a subcutaneous layer of fat, but the fat reserves must be constantly replenished, so in the daytime they constantly hunt for fish.

Where is the fish there and dolphins. With a tight semicircle, they quickly surround the fish pack, and lead it to the shore. After that, press the fish to the beach, and push it to the shallowest place, where they eat.

If the fish jamb is far from the shore, then the dolphins quickly overtake it and begin to organizely hold all the fish in a dense ring, preventing it from dispersing. Then one by one they pierce the fish can, and grabbing the prey return to their place.