What do ducks eat ?

What do ducks eat and how to organize their content? Ducks eat a lot, but to that there is an excuse – they grow very quickly and justify the expenses for them much faster than the same chickens.

If you want to save on the stern, then start ducks in the immediate vicinity of the pond, which is abundantly overgrown with duckweed, grass and river vegetation. Ducks feed themselves organize, and you do not have to worry about bran, wheat, protein feed. However, at the bottom, ducks will grow much longer than birds that receive full-value feed, because what the ducks eat is very important when fattening them. The food of the ducks will be almost free, but the slaughter weight will be gaining a long time.

Of course, much depends on the breed – there are early rippling ducks, broiler ducks, ducks of meat breeds that grow faster than eggs. What do ducks eat meat? Almost the same as other ducks. The main thing – do not overfeed (all ducks eat a lot) and in time to score them. If you intend to keep ducks for a year, you need to take care of the purchase of feed in advance, because in winter you do not have to rely on the forage.

What do you eat ducks in free-range? They are omnivorous, and with pleasure they eat grass, fruits of plants, waste from the table, insects, worms, snails, leaves, aquatic plants. That’s why it’s so important to release birds from the yard. Feeding ducks in this case will be balanced and diverse. But in the pen, the bird is expensive, and its meat is not as tasty and useful as a duck, which all the summer grazed on free-range and used exactly what the bird body demanded for it.

What do ducks eat besides river vegetation? Even if the duck is based on water duckweed, do not forget about cereals. Grain is perfectly digested and digested, and corn has a great energy value for the bird. Wheat, too, must be present in the diet of ducks – the chicks will fit finely crushed or in the form of coarse flour. The grain of barley before feeding should be germinated, and oats to buy only a holeraceous variety. On such a diet, ducks grow quickly and do not get sick.