What do eagles eat ?

Eagles are eaten mostly by small rodents, insects and carrion. Their diet includes: gophers, mice, hamsters, snakes, lizards, meerkats, hares, foxes, marmots, badly flying birds – larks and oatmeal, as well as waders, gulls, ducks, geese, cranes, herons and bustard. The weight of the booty sometimes goes up to four kilograms.

For many eagles the main “bread-winner” was a long-tailed ground squirrel. These are cute and mobile animals, making sounds resembling a whistle, they weigh about half a kilogram. Eagles usually claw their prey from the summer, but when catching a ground squirrel, they use a slightly different method. First, they attack the gophers from above, and if they could not grab it, they hide next to the hole where the gopher has managed to whisk. Very soon, the gopher emerges from his burrow without suspecting anything, and then the eagle pounces on its prey.

Eagles eat and snakes, including poisonous ones, such as cobra and mamba. They hit the neck or head of the snake with their beaks, smashing her skull. The white-tailed eagle eats mostly fish floating on the surface of reservoirs, grabbing it from the plaque. Sometimes eagles hunt in pairs, while one eagle attracts the attention of prey, and the second behind unexpectedly attacks it. The eagles caught in their nests are taken to their nests high in the trees, where they eat it along with the bones, the heavy prey is torn into small pieces and also taken to the nests where they feed their chicks. Now you know what eagles eat.