What do ferrets eat ?

Ferrets have long been liked by many as a pet. And it’s not surprising, because how not to love such a cunning and funny creature. To the animal was healthy and had the strength for all its antics, it is worth taking care of its nutrition.

The ferret is a predator and the main part of the pet’s diet should be proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Also, with the correct feeding of ferrets, you can not do without vitamins.

In the wild, ferrets eat various small rodents, young rabbits, birds and reptiles. Feeding the ferret at home can not be so sophisticated feeds. The main thing is to decide whether it’s dry food or natural food.

Feeding the ferret with natural products

If you opted for natural feeding, then first pick your predator meat, it can be turkey, chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, goose. Occasionally, you can give pork, but not fatty parts. All by the fact that ferrets in the ferret split very slowly. Do not always give only one type of meat, it is better to diversify the food ferret. In one kind of meat, there are no useful substances that are necessary for a frette for active life. Nutritional ferret quail or chicken eggs are needed as a source of additional protein. Boiled egg white in ferrets is digested much better than raw, so they must be cooked. Yolk can be given and raw.