What do flamingos eat ?

It is generally accepted that Flamingos feed on fish. In fact, they feed on other aquatic food: algae, seeds of aquatic plants, insect larvae and small crustaceans, which just supply the body with flamingos carotenoid.

In the case of lack of food in the places of residence, flamingos can fly for it within 30-50 kilometers to other lakes. The process of absorbing the food of the flamingo looks quite interesting: the bird immerses its head with its beak in the water, crosses from foot to foot, and thus drives water with possible food past its beak, which filters edible from inedible. Flamingos feed at any time of the day and regardless of the weather conditions.

There are five species of flamingos that live in the salt lakes of South America, Asia, Africa and Southern Europe.

Flamingos live in salt water, but they drink fresh hot water, the temperature of which sometimes reaches 90 ° C.

Flamingos multiply, gathering up to a million individuals in the colony. After mating, the female lays one egg, which in turn is incubated by both parents. They feed the chicks for about 11 weeks, until they have formed a curved beak and they can not eat independently.

Its pink color flamingo due to enter into its diet crustacean artemia.

Flamingos eat underwater and head down. They pass water through the beak with the help of a tongue and eat everything that comes across them, doing this operation up to 20 times per second.