What do flounder eat ?

The flounder feeds on crustaceans and small fish that live on the seabed. She has strong, well-developed teeth. In search of food flounder trying not to leave the bottom, but there are certain species that are found in the high layers of water during feeding.

Flounder is the only fish that has been seen on the bottom of the Mariana Trench. When immersed to a depth of 11 km. Jacques Picard drew attention to small flat fish, about 30 cm in length, similar to the habitual for us flounder.

Many species of flatfish have a valuable commercial importance because of tasty meat. The most interesting for commercial fishing on an industrial scale is the European type of flounder and Japanese olive flounder. The species inhabiting the western and northern Atlantic are popular among angler-athletes.

Gastronomic interest is represented only by medium and large flounder species. For example, a halibut, considered a delicacy, can reach 2.5 m in length. The European species is less large – about 1 m. There are the same species, for example, oligolepis Tarphops, which grow to only 4.5 cm and reach a mass of 2 grams.