What do flying squirrels eat ?

Ordinary flying squirrel are largely herbivores. In summer, they eat green plants, young branches, berries and seeds, and in winter – nuts, pine needles and cones. Local hunters claim that flying squirrels also eat chicks and eggs from the nests. However, there is no scientific evidence for this behavior.

The flying squirrel has a continuous membrane that connects the fore and hind limbs. Unlike other members of the subfamily of flying squirrels, the common fly does not have membranes between the hind limbs and the base of the tail.

Its limbs are relatively short and thick, and the hind legs are much larger than the forelegs. The length of the head and body varies between 120-228 mm. The flying squirrel has large black eyes. In the summer their wool is painted from yellow-gray to black-gray, and in the winter time it becomes silvery-gray.

The belly is white throughout the year. The membrane is covered with soft fur. The tail is flat and covered with short hair.