What do foxes eat ?

So let’s get an answer to the question “What do foxes eat ?”. The fox is a wonderful predator. She belongs to the family of dog, but this animal have specifications of other animals as well, such as┬ácats(fox have ability to hide claws and in case of danger even climb a tree). She has perfect hearing. The fox can hear the rustling of the mouse under the ground at a distance of one hundred meters!

And it definitely determines her mink. For fox hunters, there is even a special expression – “mousing”. Lovely sounds, but it means that fox hunting for rodents. The fox will fall to the ground and will listen for rodents, and then will break their mink and will certainly catch a mouse.

Every hunter will recognize fox trace in forest. Breaking away from the chase, the fox will go to look for a secluded place. Despite the myth that foxes live in burrows, the fox mostly sleeps under the bush. He will curl up, put a sharp muzzle on his paws, and hide his tail like a fluffy blanket.

By the way, the foxes usually doesn’t use burrows, they usually uses moles. Sometimes even reconciles with his neighborhood, if only there is spare moves and exits.