What do geese eat ?

The main food product of these poultry is grass, which geese in the warm season themselves and are harvested. Nevertheless, top dressing is still necessary to maintain high productivity and quality of meat. In the diet, in addition to traditional herbs, you must add the following products (per 1 animal per day):

In the warm season, additional feeding of geese occurs in the evening. Feathered with a hunt eat at night. For a full-fledged feeding of geese, about 700 g of grass and up to 0.5 kg of vegetables are recommended per day. During the day, these waterfowl are able to obtain their own food. Provided that on the site where they are kept, there is a good range with green grass, the question “What to feed the geese?” Disappears by itself.

At night, birds eat with greater appetite than in the daytime, so you need to remember to leave the goose feed in the feeding troughs for the night. In the breeding season, the calorie content of food should be maximized, because the birds simply do not have enough time to obtain the necessary amount of grass during grazing.

If the diet is dominated by dry mealy foods, animals may begin to choke and cough. We need to ensure that the food was moderately wet. It is recommended to arrange a one-day hard vegetable diet for the animals, so to speak, a day of relief, in which they eat only greenery. Even grain and vegetables are excluded.