What do gerbils eat ?

Gerbils are desert inhabitants, accustomed to eating grass and seeds. Of course, you can confine yourself to this food, but there are many other things that, of course, like your pet.

In nature, the gerbil diet is not diverse: there is little food in the desert, and gerbils eat any dried seeds and grass that they manage to find. Fortunately, your gerbil can diversify your diet with a variety of dishes.

The ideal food for gerbil – a dry mix of seeds, vegetable flakes, wheat, oats and barley. Such a mixture can be bought ready in the pet store. If you can not find a mixture for gerbils, a mixture for hamsters will do, but you will have to choose from it sunflower seeds and peanuts, since gerbils do not need as much fat in the diet as the hamsters need.

The gerbil can like food for parakeets, sprouted food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Some gerbils even like the taste of dry cat or dog food. Try to offer gerbil alternately different types of feed, To find out what she likes more.

Let her decide herself with her preferences, the main thing is not to overfeed it with One kind of food. Sand, like any other animal, needs a balanced diet to keep itself in shape.

Feeding time is a good time to get to know your gerbil. Feed her from hand to gain trust.

Offer your gerbil a healthy choice of food. She will decide what she likes.