What do gibbons eat ?

Gibbons are fed by various fruits, leaves, seeds, insects, young shoots, bird eggs and even chicks. If an old monkey living in a family is not able to procure food for herself, other family members will bring food to her. They drink gibbons, dropping their hands in the pond and licking the remainder of the water from the wool. They spend a lot of time in a variety of games.

A young male between the ages of seven and ten chooses a female in a foreign family, and takes care of her for several weeks. Cubs are born in females after a seven-month pregnancy only once every 2 to 3 years. A married couple is maintained throughout the life of partners.

White gibbons are very sociable animals. With friendly greetings with each other, they, as in a smile, pull back the corners of the mouth, and show their teeth. In anger, the mouth closes and opens repeatedly, the animals lick their lips and click their teeth. And when the animals begin to growl – then they are ready to bite the enemy.