What do gorillas eat ?

Gorillas are vegetarians, they only eat vegetarian food. And all their food grows around them. Gorilla only needs to reach out and tear off a favorite stem or leaf.

Oriental gorillas eat mostly stems and leaves. They choose young bamboo shoots, peel off the top layer as a peel from a banana, discard, and eat a white, tender core.

The life of gorillas is made up of food, sleep, rest and walks. At night they build their nests, which they never use the next night. Nests of gorillas, unlike chimpanzees, are not cleaned from excrement. Sometimes the dirty males (less often the other members of the group) arrange a nest under a tree on the ground. Eastern gorillas in low-lying rain forests sleep less often on earth than western gorillas. Day nests are more common in eastern gorillas than in western gorillas. Gorillas sleep in different poses, wake up rather late, when the sun rises, sleep lasts 13 hours. The day begins with a leisurely search for food. With rare exception, gorillas eat only juicy greens.

However, in captivity they consume meat. After breakfast, there is a midday snooze and rest. Some individuals do not sleep, but clean and lick the cubs. In adults it is not customary to clean each other, unlike most primates. Young people play while adults sleep. The need for the game is lost to them by the age of six. After rest, the leader leads the group to feed. Ahead is himself, then followed by females with cubs, and one of the young males closes the procession.