What do grasshoppers eat ?

Grasshoppers feed a variety of plant foods. They sometimes even harm, eating buds, leaves, shoots, flowers. But along with this, they hunt and eat with appetite small butterflies and their caterpillars, flies, ticks and other small fry. Perhaps it is the main part of their diet.

In a number of Asian countries, a grasshopper is considered a popular pet, along with a cricket. Pleasant sounds are produced by males of the species Tettigonia cantans (chorister grasshopper) and some others. Chinese breeders even brought out several breeds, singing differently than their wild ancestors. The price of a particularly “euphonious” grasshopper comes to $ 20.

Medium-grasshoppers can also be kept at home. For them, they are salad leaves, unripe ears of wild cereals, berries, pieces of apples, pears and other fruits. Beetles, small locusts and other animals will be eaten at night, but if grasshoppers are hungry – hunting will take place at any time of the day. When the time comes for the females to lay their eggs, they should be planted one by one, otherwise the struggle for the territory will lead to fights and cannibalism. And the males will live peacefully with each other and chatter until the fall.