What do guinea fowl eat ?

The care and feeding of guinea fowls is little different from caring for domestic chickens, which is not surprising, because in fact they belong to the same species. The ration of domestic guinea fowls little from the food given to small chickens. True, feed the chicks of the royal bird account for more, given their size and weight. Also in the diet of young guinea fowls there is more protein, and hence protein. The main food for guinea fowl in the first days of life is wheat porridge and steeply boiled eggs, the chicken guinea hens and small millet eat well.

In the first ten days of the life of a brood of guinea fowl, it is necessary to feed ten to twelve times a day, as the young grow up, the number of feedings can be reduced. At the age of four weeks the cesareans need to be fed no more often than four times a day.

Little guinea-pigs begin to feed on pasture before chickens. Already after a week, guinea fowls are safe to give finely chopped clover foliage, alfalfa, lettuce, cabbage, dandelion, greens of cereals. Chicks should be given only fresh greens. The rotten, thorny tops of the birds are eaten poorly, or ignored altogether. Nutrient substances in such feed – a minimum.